Offered products

We are specialist for hardware and software solutions

We are cooperate with leading manufacturer of best solutions like a Hewlett Packard, IBM, Fujitsu, CISCO, Juniper etc. We are experts in supply of special software. As a example we can name forensic software Oxygen, Belkasoft and FTK.

Hardware solutions

• Dekstop PC • Laptops • Components • Peripherals • Cables • Accessories

Server solutions

We are offering server solution of all brands. We will help you with implementation. We will secure hardware and software support

Network systems

We can offer everythink from cables to top quality switches. We are supplier of world-famous brands like a Cisco, HP, Juniper a more. We will be glad to help you with implementation. Software and hardware support and maintemance is not problem.

Software products

We are distributors of various software and we are developing our own software Nextis for car parts sellers (Forensic software, Information system, Office software, Operation systems).

our moust selling brands