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Nextis Services s.r.o. is a member of the Nextis Group that develops and distributes software for the automotive aftermarket and delivers related software and hardware. The Nextis Group includes Nextis s.r.o. (software development), Nextis Services s.r.o. (hardware and software distribution including deliveries of the Nextis software for the enterprise and middle segment) and Evoin s.r.o. (information system for small car part dealers). Nextis Services, which handles the entire logistics connected with the supply of the Nextis software to customers, also participates in public tenders and supplies selected A-brand products (developed by Hewlett Packard, IBM, Fujitsu, CISCO, Juniper and others) to customers in Europe (primarily in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Netherlands and the UK).

Nextis Services draws upon the extensive experience of its two Executive Officers: Mr. Dalibor Zavadil has over 20 years of experience in software development and Mr. Pavel Balus has for more than 20 years been involved in designing and selling IT solutions. Apart from distributing the Nextis software, Nextis Services also delivers server solutions from the aforementioned A-brand IT vendors, network technologies for computer network control, ordinary IT end-user products and a wide range of software including, among other things, forensic software.

Nextis group

  • Nextis s.r.o. (Software development)
  • Nextis Services s.r.o. (Distribution of hardware and software with supply of softwaru Nextis for companies)
  • Evoin s.r.o. (Information system for small car parts selllers)

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Our partners

ESO9 international is a leading provider of information technologies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It also offers solutions in accordance with the legislative conditions of Hungary and Poland. ESO9 international provides its customers with a strong background in the development, implementation and services related to their own ESO9 information system.

World leader in advanced Forensic Tools for mobile applications. The company delivers a universal forensics solution covering a wide range of mobile devices using operating systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and others.

Whether it’s for investigation, litigation or compliance, AccessData offers industry-leading solutions that put the power of forensics in your hands. For 30 years, AccessData has worked with more than 130,000 clients in law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and law firms around the world to understand and focus on their unique collection-to-analysis needs.

Belkasoft is a forensic software producer. Belkasoft products are offered to IT security experts and forensic investigators. The products are designed to be used immediately after unpacking from the box without requiring any special skills.

Compelson Labs was founded in 1991 and is known for its pioneering products, such as MOBILedit, currently used by millions of users worldwide for many mobile phone-related tasks. Our knowledge and expertise go to the edge of technological possibilities.

Nitrokey is a small and portable set of data security solutions that come as a physical USB key. Nitrokey protects emails, files, hard drives, server certificates and online accounts with high security open source hardware and software.